onsdag den 3. april 2013

World Cup Changwon

Idag starter årets første Wold cup, denne gang i Korea. Det bliver spændende at se resultaterne med det nye score system. Deltagelsen ved World cuppen bærer præg af ikke af have den helt store deltagelse, der er feks kun tilmeldt 35 deltagere ved kvindernes 3x20. Deltagerlisten kan ses her  og Resultater fra Sius Ascor kan ses her

2 kommentarer:

  1. What did you think of the prone results? It was nice to see the top qualifier go on to win -- Niccolo might want to give Henri a call for pointers on shooting a good final! I know from friends that the Changwon range is often very windy, and the low qualifying scores this year would seem to prove that again.

  2. Hi, the scores was great considering the weather. I heard that is was very much like when I was shooting there 2 years ago - windy and cold. But the scores will probably be higher at Fort Benning and for sure when the World cup comes to Munich.